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      Attention friends and guests, good news! We are returning to normal store hours from this coming Friday May 1st onward. We will again be open from 11am-7pm weekdays and 11am-6pm weekends. This is in an effort to reduce the amount of unsafe crowding and long lines we're currently experiencing during our reduced hours al well as to be more convenient for the community to access.

     The same safety regulations are still in effect: only 15 customers allowed inside at a time, no browsing please, wear a face covering and practice social distancing as best you can in our tiny store.

     We look forward to seeing more of you and we wouldn't be able to stay open without the continued support of our amazing community! ~Miero


July 04, 2020

Open for the 4th

We will be open for the 4th of July from 11AM-3PM. At 3PM we will close promptly so we can celebrate the holiday with our families. Hope you all have a happy 4th!

June 28, 2020

Baby Beardies!

We just got in a large acquisition of baby bearded dragons! They range form normal morphs ($49) to Hypo Citrus Tigers ($99). Raising one of these fascinating lizards is a privilege and we are happy to walk any new lizard owner through their care and setup! If you're set on adopting one, feel free to email us for photos and more info or come into the shop and let us know you're here for the beardies!

June 14, 2020

Baby Tarantulas Galore

We currently have close to 30 different tarantula species in stock! Most of them are spiderlings which means they're more affordable than their more pricey adult counterparts and you get the joy of raising your own tarantula baby. Be sure to check out our invertebrate page for a full price list!

June 12, 2020

Updated Price Lists

Check out our corn snake price list for an up to date look at our selection! Other new animals of note are several dart frog species- both froglets and tadpoles available, some awesome tree frog species and a variety of spiderling Brachypelmas in out tarantula section!

May 07, 2020

Video chat reptile shows are now available!

Have an account with a video conference app? We can bring our traveling reptile show to you virtually! This hour-long show features a huge variety of interesting critters that you can meet from the safety of your home. Great for online learning, birthday parties and more!

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For our birthday party and educational reptile shows please visit our Events page. See our Newsletter for a Reptile show special.

If you have any questions about our current stock please call us and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have. You will find our contact information below. As always phone calls can be answered much quicker than e-mails.


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