Our vast selection of Reptiles is unparalleled in the Bay Area, for their quality, diverse, and well bred species. Few animals exude the prehistoric wonder, of today's Reptiles, and our selection is homage to their wonderful histories.

All of our Reptiles are wonderfully cared and looking for similar homes!

From Fire Belly Toads to Poison Dart Frogs we have a wide array of choices.

Amphibians are some of the oldest living species still in existence today, predating all known species of Dinosaurs by over a hundred million years.

Most of these creatures you won't find freely roaming about your house by chance; our selection is exotic and always fascinating!

Spiders are some of the most interesting creatures alive today; setting traps in webs, burrows, and even under water. Other Arachnids like Scorpions are just as fascinating; armed not only with powerful claws, but a bulbous stinging apparatus off its tail as well. Our other invertebrates are a little less intimidating but have wonderful attributes nonetheless.

Keeping your pets healthy and happy is as important a mission to us as it will be for you.

This is why we keep a strong selection of nutritious choices for all of the pets we sell. From Goldfish, Mealworms, and Wax Worms, to adult Rats and Rabbits, your pets needs have many options at the Vivarium.

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Red Eyed Tree Frog