Traveling Reptile Show

An interactive and educational show for all ages, book us for a truly unique experience. 

Our famous Traveling Reptile Show has entertained Bay Area families and communities for decades. Perfect for all event types whether it be your child's birthday party or a guest speaker evening for your college students. Owen is a skillful presenter with engaging stories and a trove of incredible critters to meet, pet, hold and learn about. 

Upcoming Expos

We participate in Reptile Expos throughout Northern California!

We bring out our finest stock including tiny hatchlings, ready-to-go breeders and beautiful morphs to these Expos. Don't miss it!

Public Performances

Catch us at your next local Bay Area library or festival event for a public show!

We perform our Traveling Reptile Show for hundreds of people at large festival events usually held in summer. These public performances are free of charge, no reservation needed so just come on over, have a seat and enjoy! *You still must pay admission for event entry.* 

Hanging Snake

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