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Scientific disclaimer: All "newts" are salamanders; all "toads" are frogs. Neither "newt" nor "toad" is well defined and may be used interchangeably with "salamander" or "frog", respectively.

Important Notice:


As of January 28, 2016 20 genera of salamanders are now illegal for sale in the US. As per the Lacey Act ruling:

The importation, transportation, or acquisition of any live or dead specimen, including parts, but not eggs or gametes, of the genera Chioglossa, Cynops, Euproctus, Hydromantes, Hynobius, Ichthyosaura, Lissotriton, Neurergus, Notophthalmus, Onychodactylus, Paramesotriton, Plethodon, Pleurodeles, Salamandra, Salamandrella, Salamandrina, Siren, Taricha, Triturus, and Tylototriton, including but not limited to, the species listed in this paragraph, is prohibited [...]

We cannot get any more of these, so please don't ask!

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